Vintage Artisan Update!

First off, I apologize for late updates on the blog. Things got very busy for this one man team but this week there will be 2 new entries!

I wanted to simply update everyone on product availability. As far as The Box, you can find it as well as on this site.  

The first batch of Huaraches were made available to those who saw the secret sale on twitter (It pays to follow us @bycarlosrjuarez). We have a very limited quantity of shoes and most of them are reserved for those who have placed a pre-order. I do have a few sizes still available, so if you are interested in purchasing contact me via twitter or on this site. You can also wait for the site to be updated with more sizes.

The Marvel collection will be up and running in mid May. There will be limited sets made, so if you're thinking about purchasing, reach out! Regardless, you will see them on the site soon. I will also be updating the photos of the full collection later this month. There are 4 set options: Captain America, Popeye, Star trek and Marvel Comics.

I'll leave you with a quick note,

I don't make limited quantities to seem exclusive. I make small runs because I aim to keep quality high and I want to make sure that every piece is sewn correctly. This enables my sewer and I to spend time with each product sewn (Quality control) so that it meets my standards. If I was to make 1000 at a time I wouldn't be able to ensure this. That goes for every product we put out. The box is made carefully with time and the shoes are meticulously woven by El Señor, the shoemaker.