"This one goes out to the one(s) I love"

I hear a lot of misconceptions these days which I don't even attempt to debate because who am I to judge? With that being said, this week I wont be answering a direct question, but instead share a piece of my mind. The main reason why I wanted to write this entry is because lately a really close relative  has been coming to me for advice, which I love giving. I love providing suggestions to those who ask and I have really enjoyed seeing this person improving by finding motivation and the desire within. I would do that for anyone! I'm keen on stressing the word “suggestions” because I don't think anyone should take step by step “direction” by someone other than themselves. I stay away from phrases like “what you need to do” and “this is the only way”, because when it comes down to one's journey in life, every footstep is unique.

This person looks up to me and I am beyond flattered, but it seems like the idea behind their motivation of starting a clothing line is misconstrued. The reason why I would like to address this is for the simple fact that I don't want anybody else to have the wrong idea of starting a brand or business.

Right, who am I? I haven't made millions...

Exactly, my bank account isn't reflecting millions quite yet and I'm still here after 8 years of trying to build a brand. Starting a brand or any other business isn't a thing that happens overnight no matter what anyone says. The "get rich quick" mentality seems to be fluttering around and infecting people with false possibilities. There are laws greater than us that you have to obey by and understand. It takes a lot of time, effort, sweat, tears and sacrifices that have to be made and this is what needs to be learned.

For instance, when I first started my brand I thought the moment I released my first collection I would be a millionaire. I thought that it would spread like wild-fire and everything would go flawlessly. I was already picturing the moment when I would get celebrity attention, magazine spreads and big collaborations! Boy, was I wrong and I'm not saying it couldn't have happened but I just didn't put enough passion, time and devotion into it--I'm talking about “Sleep,Eat and Breathing” it. 

There are laws...a process in which things must be done. Like learning to walk--we all start by gently stretching our legs, after we crawl we stand, we fall, we crawl and then walk! Its impossible to walk before crawling, it takes time and effort. The process has to be known and accepted, nothing happens overnight and if you really want to be successful you have to learn the art of patience and not measure success with dollar signs.

Success comes before wealth, wealth does not come before success!

I'm still learning and I will never give up on my brand even at the roughest of times, there will always be room to enhance my life along with others!

Thank you for stopping by! 

-Carlos R. Juarez

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