Q: Inspiration / Goal?


Being able to produce fashion that people love and cherish is what inspires me. When I design, I want the person wearing VA to walk around confidently knowing that what they have on speaks for itself.  I want my products to reflect that feeling of “ I'm it and I know it” while maintaining a fun and optimistic attitude about life.  I aspire to inspire an instant impression that can naturally magnetize others to explore...

I want to reach a level where I am able to build a plateau to help others seek those goals that seem far from reality--always giving suggestions to people who ask and to always be obtainable. I'd much rather help others create a reality than to just metaphorically inspire. As a designer, my primary inspiration is knowing that one day I will create this platform of emerging and successful designers, guiding and creating awareness to all talents. 

We all have goals in life.  If I can help at least one person change their life for the good, I can take the deed with me where ever I go--my goal has been accomplished!  I know that I will make my goals reality and if I don't its because I died trying. 

Carlos JuarezComment