Exciting News to all our Supporters!


We are very excited to introduce...

V | A - Write Up Wednesdays; Artist of the Week:

We truly appreciate everyone that has shown love and support throughout our venture. This is only the beginning but we have a lot more in store for all of our loyal followers-- We want you to continue to grow with us as we continue to walk down this journey.  I am very happy to see that more than half of our fans and followers are in the industry and this is why we are deciding to take action as a token of appreciation!

Starting next month,  Wednesdays will be devoted to YOU, OUR FOLLOWERS! We will begin Interviewing you to post it on our blog and plug you in to all of our media outlets. I fall in love with the idea more and more because I really appreciate all of our supporters and I want to see what you guys are getting exposure. I want you to receive all that is needed to help your own ventures or dreams become a reality. I know there are some very talented people out there and we would love to help get the word out on what you do! 

We are eager to get to know our followers and If you want to reach out to us as well please do! We consider you our priority! 

Stay tuned for our first interviewee!  


-Carlos R. Juarez