COMIC CON- Quite the Phenomenon



Are you comic conning? Here is a reminder of the ultimate artist convention. If you want to attend and not dress up or you just want to represent your favorite Marvel characters on a regular basis outside of  the convention we have what you are looking for with a classy edge. A few word's from the creator, 


"We have all once been associated with the characters on my prints. Like these characters they are not always actively running through our minds on a day to day basis but they are never forgotten.  Thats why I created the Marvel collection." Designer Carlos Juarez


I think we can all relate to these characters most of us want to leave an impressionistic footprint in this lifetime where we are remembered for the greater good hence what draws us to super heros. One , a couple, or all of these characters have played a role in our lives how you choose to represent them now is completely up to you!