Check out our latest interview with Trig & Polished

"Meet Carlos Juarez, founder and designer of Vintage Artisan. I first noticed Vintage Artisan when I saw pictures of the Huaraches on Twitter. It was actually perfect timing as I was recently discussing the lack of options for men when it came to summer styling. Especially when it came to shoes. In an informal poll amongst my close female friends, results showed that flip flops are not a favorite thing to see on men. I’m definitely not a fan but I realize that when the weather gets warm, us ladies can’t expect to see men in socks and boots all the time. Enter Vintage Artisan huaraches. It was love at first sight! Not only am I already a huge fan of woven leather but Carlos’s redesign of this traditional shoe appealed to T&P’s aesthetic. The styling range of these shoes fit the bill for a classy man’s spring /summer wardrobe. From the beach to a sumer wedding, these gorgeous hand-crafted shoes keep men looking trig and polished. When I discovered that Vintage Artisan was based in San Francisco, I knew that I had to meet Carlos and find out more."