V | A - Write Up Wednesdays; Artist of the Week: GentlemansWear

1. Tell me about yourself and what's your blog called?

- My name is Jay Johnson. My brothers, father, our uncles and I have always had a great sense of fashion. We've always wanted to look good no matter where we went. I was mostly into "Street Etiquette", until I got employed at a job where I had to dress it up a little bit more. That's where my blog, Gentleman's Wear, took into effect. I wanted to inspire other men, especially younger men, that dressing as a gentleman, is great look. You're taken more seriously & respected more from your attire, crazy, right? But appearance plays a very important factor. 

Moreover, I wanted to do something that could empower men. In this generation, it starts with appearance, sagging pants and baggy clothes will lead to a negative notion from others. I believe you learn to act the way you dress; and that's what others will expect also. 

2.When did you start the blog? 

- I started my blog in March 2014. It was originally named HandsomeClothing; but I decided to change the name and concept to be more befitting for what I wanted to aim towards for my audience. 

3. Do you blog based on personal style?

- Well, somewhat yes, in other ways, not as much. Let me explain why not as much. I learned that I have to blog based on what others like and not on just what I like. The audience is most important because that's who I'm trying to reach or to appease. There's been times I've blogged things I didn't like, but the audience responded greatly to it. There were also things I fell in love with, but my audience didn't feel so well. Those trial and error moments taught me to blog based on a little of my personal like/style, with mostly the style of what the audience likes. 

4.Where do you see yourself going with Gentlemanswear?

- Initially, I figured maybe I could get the name out there, garner a larger audience and make money for advertising a certain men's company's clothing. 

However, at this moment, I'm just focused on garnering a larger audience and blogging for that audience. The bigger it becomes, the better the movement. It's not just about the styles, it's about teaching young men to become gentlemen through appearance and inspiration gentlemen quotes. In the future maybe I will get into advertisement, which I have been offered a few advertisement opportunities. But for now I'm focused on inspiring our young men to become gentlemen. 

5. What inspires you? 

- Actually, my audience inspires me a lot. I love getting mentions, comments, and Direct Messages from them. They're very supportive, they love what the blog is all about, they tell me that they're wanting to be apart of blogging posts. Also! One of the best things I love to hear is that they've been able to change up their style or get ideas on how to. It helps me keep going and know I'm doing something right. It's a great feeling. 

6.Where can we find you? 

- You guys can find me in a few places: 

Twitter: @GentlemansWear

Instagram: @GentlemansWear_ 

Email: HandsomeClothing14@gmail.com

Also, check out a big supporter, @TheRealNeon on both Twitter & Instagram, you'll find a lot of postings about the blog on his page!