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The Birth Story:

Like most good ideas Vintage Artisan begins with a friend. Carlos had finished launching a separate brand called P.A.C.E with a partner and yearned to create a fuller men’s wardrobe. With a head full of fashion know-how and passion to burn, Carlos and his friend got brainstorming. Carlos was deep into high fashion (Vintage) while his friend was all about the handmade side of clothes (Artisan), both ideas collided in a shower of sparks and sewing needles and Vintage Artisan was born. Carlos created a brand that values craftsmanship above aesthetic appeal. When things are made right beauty follows. Here’s how he describes VA himself: “Vintage Artisan is a contemporary menswear brand focused on limited production to maintain high quality. We believe in true craftsmanship which allows us to produce a staple product for every man’s closet.”


 You just won the lottery and have a cool hundred-million dollars in your pocket but it can only be used on Vintage Artisan, what do you do?

 “I want to give other designers a solid platform to launch from, make a school/co-op for designers, and invest in others. My biggest thing is to be a service to other people, I want to start a Tom’s-esque foundation and make it really transparent so people can see their impact.” If I learned anything from Carlos it is that his heart is focused almost entirely outward. His goals are two-fold: to own a successful company and pass the success forward.