V | A - Write Up Wednesdays; Artist of the Week: NINETY-TWO

1.Tell us a little about yourself and background? 

My name is Fuad Hasanovic. I am originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina but the United States has adopted me so warmly and raised me that I consider myself a product of both countries. For the most part I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan ; but if needed, I'm anywhere you need me. (laughs) I'm working on my bachelor's degree in marketing with a specialization in advertising and promotions. However, most importantly, I am a "creator". Be it music, clothing, architecture, art, or web design; I love to create and give birth to something 'new' and 'fresh'. 

2.When and how did 92 come to be?

I've actually never told anyone the true story before, but here it goes (hopefully I don't get in trouble). I started working at a Buckle at a local shopping mall here in Grand Rapids the summer after graduating high school. While working there I saw and sold so many products that had no actual meaning or craftsmanship behind it. It was literally a race to see who could mass produce more products, without any actual creative genius behind it; nothing that could pick up and go "Man, I wish I had thought of that". Working at Buckle that summer, combined with my general love for fashion, and being the creative individual that I am initially sparked my interest in owning a clothing line and designing. I wanted to create something worth spending your hard earned money on, and wanted to make it an experience every time your wear a product made by Fuad Hasanovic. I didn't actually make that dream a reality until 8 (or so) months later when I got into contact with the owner of PACE Clothing out of San Francisco. The offer was to run their graphic tee division and design for their graphic department. I gladly accepted the offered and got to work. Unfortunately PACE never reached it's potential and I was left to design for myself. However, the relationships I built through PACE will last a lifetime and those individuals that were on that team played a very important role in helping me establish everything I needed for making Ninety-Two a reality. Anyways, after designing and scraping ideas in secrecy for a year, I all about gave up on creating my own brand. That is until one of my co-workers at my new job (Aldo) mentioned that he was in the process of starting up his own brand and wanted to get some feedback on his designs. I took a look at his designs and felt the same feeling of anger and utter disbelief, as I did that summer at Buckle. I knew deep down that I could do so much better. That night after closing down the store I went straight home, printed and filled out my articles of organization, knocked out three designs, and put up the "Ninety-Two Clothing" Facebook and twitter. That is how Ninety-Two was created. 

3.What inspires your designs?

Anything and everything. However, I will never create a design just for the sake of being creative. Each and every one of my designs has a much deeper rooted meaning, than what a person may see at first glance. If your follow up question is "Give me some examples", I'm going to respectfully decline (laughs). The undertones are there for everyone to interpret individually.

4. I see a lot of awesome tees on your site. What else can we expect from 92? 

Definitely more cut and sew projects. More collaborations, one collaboration that will certainly blow everyone's mind and turn the fashion world upside down. I am also planning on doing underwear (men's and women's). Last but not least, I am also planning on creating subdivision of Ninety-Two dedicated to creating much more higher end, expensive, and limited pieces.

5. If you can see any celebrity wearing your clothes, who would that be and why?

Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and Iggy Izalea. Kanye West has been a huge inspiration of mine in anything that I do creatively. Doesn't matter if I am working on a new piece of clothing, a poster design, or doing some side work for third-party clients, I am blasting Kanye West. (From College Dropout to Yeezus). Chance The Rapper, I believe, is Ninety-Two personified into an artist. Chance's music is quirky and very catchy, with serious underlying themes and meanings. Chance is also from the Midwest and started from the bottom, independently, without the push of any major label. Iggy... (laughs)...Iggy is just fine as hell and could make anything look good. No, in all seriousness, Iggy has that "I don't care what you think of me, what I wear, or what I do. I'm gonna do me, look fly as hell doing it, and you'll be following suit in a month or two" attitude. Which is exactly what Ninety-Two clothing is all about. 

6. Where can we find you? 

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on our official websitewww.ninetytwoclothing.com

our twitter handle is @92clothing
instagram is @ninetytwogr
and facebook is simply Ninety Two Clothing & Apparel. If you are too busy to do any searching simply go to www.facebook.com/ninetytwoca

If you want to personally get in touch with me you can follow me on instagram @byfuad or email me at ninetytwoclothing@gmail.com . Beware, I post a lot of Kanye / Scott Disick related material throughout the day on my personal instagram.