What is Vintage Artisan?

Hello to all the Fashionistas !

It has been awhile since the P.a.c.e Co. days as I have been working day and night on my new brand. For those of you that may remember me or P.a.c.e will understand exactly how long that was. It was a good run, which brings me back into the industry with my new brand...

Vintage Artisan aka VA. 
A menswear contemporary brand, focused on limited production to maintain quality high. We believe in true craftsmanship, which allows us to produce a staple product for every man's closet. 

-Our esthetic:
All American look, European fit with a Japanese edge. 

-What you can expect from Vintage Artisan:
Tops, bottoms , shoes and other accessories 

I will leave you with some pictures of the our shoe "The Huaraches" and "The Box".

Share your thoughts! 

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