Our mission is to preserve true artisanal values and
craftsmanship expressed through modern style and original design.

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Our Vision

We want our customers to experience how it feels to wear a quality, handmade shoe originally designed to endure whatever life throws your way. By working closely with artisans in Mexico and handpicking ethically-sourced materials, we strive to provide only the best products for our customers. These one-of-a-kind, world-class shoes, they are Vintage Artisan.


Huaraches: The Origin

Pre-Columbian in origin, huaraches—whose name derives from the indigenous Purépecha word kwarachi–directly translates into English as 'sandal.' Huaraches can only be regarded as such if they’re handmade, with woven leather detailing on the upper.

In their purest form, huaraches are simply strips of leather woven through holes in the sole of the shoe to form intricate (and sometimes not so intricate) patterns on the upper of the sandal. Huaraches come in a variety of styles—closed toe, peep toe, slip-on and last but not least, lace-up (similar to our Classico style). There's a style for every individual taste and wardrobe. 


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The Artisans

Our shoes are handwoven by a small community of artisans who have dedicated their lives to the craft. What you may not know is that no two artisans have the same weaving style. Each artisan has their own weaving method unique to them and sharing it with others is very uncommon.

See below for photos of the talented artisans at work plus a video of the process we use to create each individual pair of Huaraches.


Our process is focused on artisanal technique to produce the
best handwoven Huarache. Handmade, hand-cut, hand woven.